Of Rice and Men

This week was a banner week for our little foodie. He can now hold himself up once propped and he now babbles in consonants. I told him that I thought the ‘dadadada‘ he kept dropping should count as his first word. His response to that was “bagadash!“. Bagadash indeed.

More importantly, and more relevant to the fate of this blog, he has started on solid foods.

At the advice of our PCP we held off until the six month mark. Although little foodie screams with joy at the smell of warm bread and is hypnotized by anything green, we took the road frequently traveled and started him on a mixture of rice cereal and formula.

One bit of advice our PCP gave was that we try and not show too much excitement, as it would distract him. We obviously failed at this, as feeding a baby for the first time is pretty damn fun. There is all sorts of SCIENCE! behind the whole process, something about neurons and muscle memory. Honestly, after about five seconds the whole thing got way too adorable and I forgot all the crap I had read about the best way to get him to start eating.

It was really cool to see him grab the spoon and put it in his mouth right away. This accomplishment obviously triggered some kind of genetic memory, as he immediately trust his spoon into the air and growled like some fur clad nomad after killing a woolly mammoth. He then tried to eat the bowl. Best not to confuse that with the food in the bowl. Over the last two days (and four meals) we’ve had four different results. The upswing in his ability to gum, swallow, and get food off the spoon has been very quick (that SCIENCE! bit again) and we see him consuming more and more easily each meal. But what did the little foodie think of his rice and formula porridge?


Excited to be eating, but not impressed with the menu.
Why would he be? It taste like pennies mixed with runny cream of wheat.

Adorableness aside, once he has the SCIENCE! down, it’s on to bigger and less blander things. On this weekend’s grocery run we secured some avocado and some sweet potato.┬áSo which will it be readers? You decide!